GRAEWE GmbH & Co KG has recently increased its product range to include CE marked bolt and nut assemblies conforming to DIN EN 15048.

DIN EN 15048 regulates the requirements for assemblies for non-preloaded fixing connections. The use of bolt and nut assemblies in steel constructions simplifies the proof of suitability of fixing connections. Assemblies consist of a matching bolt and nut with the same coating. All requirements for hot-dip galvanised grade 8.8 fasteners require a choice of special materials for the manufacturing process. The tempering temperature needs to be clearly above the minimum value and in addition the bolt needs to absorb the prescribed tensile force, despite the lower tensile stress area due to undersize/minus allowance.

Differing thread tolerances between bolts and nuts also have an influence on the tensile strength of the assembly. The functionality of GRAEWE bolt and nut assemblies is precisely and comprehensively determined through tensile tests. GRAEWE also carries out a notch impact test at -40°C in its own laboratory, in order to guarantee the quality in cold conditions. Additionally, all prescribed requirements and additional tests are guaranteed and documented accordingly. The hot-dip galvanised hexagon bolts of SB sets are marked with GRAEWE’s manufacturer label, 8.8 – for the grade, SB – for structural bolting, and U – for thread tolerance 6az before coating. For later reconstruction of the manufacturing process GRAEWE bolts receive an additional marking. As a reputed and successful producer of bolts, GRAEWE manufactures hexagon head and hexagon socket bolts in diameters M6 – M27 and lengths of 12mm – 320mm. A comprehensive stock and efficient logistics guarantee fast availability even for smaller orders. In addition to the fastener trade, GRAEWE also serves key industries such as automotive, civil engineering, wind energy, agricultural equipment, as well as steel construction and mechanical engineering.

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