It´s all about - your product

The basis for an extensive product range is a well stocked storage of bright bars and wire rods in all standard bolt grades as well as stainless steel. A qualified workforce manufacture the materials with the help of modern machinery and thus produce the bespoke product for our customer.

The machine park is made up of NC saws, fi nishing machines, bending machines, thread rolling machines to M100 and CNC turning centers. Fully automatic fabrication lines for threaded rods and -studs from M6 to M24 complete our machinery. Automatic turning machines produce parts of 8 to 65 mm diameter from the rod. Turning centers produce parts with a diameter up to 250 mm. Milling, drilling and working from both sides is possible with nearly every machine.

The manufacturing sites in Finnentrop and Halle, mainly produce threaded rods and -studs, stud bolts, double end studs, anchor bolts, rag bolts, special- and trapezoidal nuts, CNC turning parts and bespoke parts according to drawing or sample. GRAEWE Tadiv produces stud bolts, hexagon-, cylinder- and fl at head screws as well as bespoke cold press parts, according to drawing or sample, on multistation cold forming machines.

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